March 29- post Deeper Support Group in Dunedin


This week I have been:

  • Following up on students who hadn't answered my three questions and fixing some issues for students who pointed them out- mostly things like formatting documents, bell times, time management
  • Promoting the NetNZ survey
  • Sorting out issues with the VC software on the PC
  • Organising an assessment for L3 Eco
  • Organising for a student to stay in her course even though she is going to Japan
  • Meeting with the principal to update him on our Online students and the progress of our Deeper Support group- he is interested in looking at the resource from Guy Claxton we are using
  • Spending time with several students who are worrying me- they showed me their course work, explained what they are having trouble with and we talked about some options
  • Talked to an in school teacher about the stress levels of an online student who has to miss one class a week
  • Sorting out the Online mark books with the person in our school who organises them
  • Finishing the MOUs and scanning them off
  • With drawing a students who has left
  • Starting this blog
  • Following up on spreadsheets that I haven't yet received from non NetNZ schools
  • Helping a student work out his priorities when two classes are clashing
  • Talking to our principal about the Grassroots project. He is interested in how to develop soft skills and I have shared the resource with him. He was very interested in our focus on perseverance. I updated him on our online students and invited him to come and talk with them. 


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