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So what did the students think about their online learning experience?

The year is drawing to a close. It was time to ask my students how things have gone.

I asked them, "Would you consider being an online student again?"and here's what they said:

Yes. I would probably take all of my classes online ideally, good to be able to work at home and when it suits. I would probably consider being an online student only if I wasn't able to do a subject in class. I prefer to work in a classroom environment so that I can get help from my friends and teacher quickly if I need it. Yes! It was an amazing experience. I would because it is another way of learning that is different to sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher every period and it is more reliant on your own willingness to learn. Yes definitely! I've gained so many skills taking ONL. From being tech savvy to making great connections with others around NZ. I was able to figure my way of learning thru ONL so this was very helpful in my other classes. The only reason I wouldn…