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Checking on what the students are thinking...

End of term two is a good time to check on what the students are thinking.......

I asked my eStudents five questions:

1. Are you still enjoying your course? 2. Are you achieving as you would wish to be? 3. Do you need any support at the moment? (Explain) 4. How is Online Learning helping you as a learner? 5. Is there anything else you would like me to know?
I found this a useful exercise as an eDean. The students who responded quickly were the ones who are managing themselves well in an online environment. I followed up with others but overall my students were still very positive at this point in the year. They could appreciate that online learning was helping them to become more organised and more independent. Even students who are struggling a bit in terms of achievement are appreciating the agency they have over their own learning and that they are learning more than just the subject they are enrolled in.
Below are a sample of their replies.
Am I still enjoying my course? Yes, absolutely. …