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eDeans make a difference to learning outcomes

This post is an article that I wrote for NetNZ about the research we are presently involved in:

NetNZ online students are fortunate to have an eDean in their schools to support them with their learning. In the world of Online Learning, evidence shows that students will achieve if they are supported by their eTeachers and by another teacher, the eDean, in their home schools. The triangle created by effective communication between the eStudent, the eTeacher and the eDean can make all the difference to the learning and achievement of the student.
The role of the eDean is a diverse one but essentially it relies on the eDean getting to know the students well, understanding their needs as learners, gaining their trust and setting up support systems as and when they are needed. This vital support role requires flexibility, initiative, great communication skills and lots of common sense, as well as a broad knowledge of the New Zealand curriculum and an understanding of how students learn. Most …