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The conversations that make a difference

Term two.....

Is often the time that the cracks start to show. Internal assessments are on the go and some students can get stuck for a whole variety of reasons.

So this week I've contacted several eTeachers about students I've been feeling a little worried about.

As a result I've:

found out that one of my girls is too shy to speak on the hangout- she feels she's "dumb" compared to the other students and even worse she is too  embarrassed to put her work on the community or even share it with the teacher. I showed her how to share a document with only her teacher and assured her it was fine to share work before it became a final product. I contacted her teacher- who was also concerned- and he is going to have a chat to her individually to see what help she needs. I've asked her to give me feedback regularly over the next few weeks and to let me know if she needs to have help from one of our school teachers. I'm so pleased I checked on this before she g…