Checking on what the students are thinking...

End of term two is a good time to check on what the students are thinking.......

I asked my eStudents five questions:

1. Are you still enjoying your course?
2. Are you achieving as you would wish to be?
3. Do you need any support at the moment? (Explain)
4. How is Online Learning helping you as a learner?
5. Is there anything else you would like me to know?

I found this a useful exercise as an eDean. The students who responded quickly were the ones who are managing themselves well in an online environment. I followed up with others but overall my students were still very positive at this point in the year. They could appreciate that online learning was helping them to become more organised and more independent. Even students who are struggling a bit in terms of achievement are appreciating the agency they have over their own learning and that they are learning more than just the subject they are enrolled in.

Below are a sample of their replies.

Am I still enjoying my course? Yes, absolutely. While I admit the current standard, at least the extensive planning side of it, is slowly melting my brain, it is a challenge I must surpass to gain the credits that I need to pass. Thinking about it that way helps me to deal with it.

Am I achieving as I wish to be? More than I thought. These first standard had gotten better feedback and marks than I could ever hope for, and Mr Clark says that my current standard could be a solid Merit which completely blew me away. Apparently I am a better writer than I thought I was.

Do I need support? No, I don't think so.

How is this helping me as a learner? I'll give the same answer I give every year; it is helping me become more independent, and forcing me to really think out my study and the time I allocate to this subject in a way that in other subjects, the teacher does it for us.

Anything else I would like you to know? I don't think so, not right at this moment.

Yes, I am enjoying my course, and i dont think i need help at the moment but thank you miss for asking. have great week


1. Yes i am enjoying my course, it is a good way to challenge myself to complete my assessments without the teacher around to help me in person. If i did need help, i would simply just email Mr Clark and he would reply in under a day which is good!

2. I am actually proud of myself this year, so far I've gained 2 merits from both of my assessments I've completed this year. This has given me faith to complete the rest of my assessments with good grades.

3. Not at the moment! :)

4. Online Learning is helping me as a learner by being independent with my work and completing them by the due dates. It is also good how every week how we have a one hour conference with our teacher Mr Clark so he can touch base with us and our work to see how we're doing. 

5. No big obstacles are in my path yet. But if there is anything, i'll be sure to let you know!

For the questions
1. I am still enjoying my course, even though I am finding it difficult at  times
2. I am not achieving as best as I could be, but I am trying my hardest at the assessments and the work that I have been given, even though they are not passing, I am still proud of the work i have done
3. I don't need much support at the moment as I am trying to get my work organised and ask for help when needed.
4.Online learning is helping me be more independent of my own work and helped me organised and plan my work accordingly
5.The only thing I would like you to know is that i am working on getting organised with my next assessment and i am very thankful for your help and support.

Hi Mrs Williams,
1. Yes ((:
2. Yes working through all the coursework and finding it manageable 
3. -
4. Very manageable with my schedule and easy to communicate with teachers. Has been really helpful for when i'm way as I'm not missing out on any coursework etc etc as i would with other classes

Online learning for me is going very well. I feel i am learning as much as i possibly can. This experience is building my skills on self management and i am able to take responsibility for my learning. Thanks

1) I'm enjoying geography!
2) Yes, I've definitely worked harder after that not achieved.
3) Not at the moment but I know to ask you if I need anything.
4) I'm learning how to prioritise things and have become more aware of my learning abilities and weaknesses.
5) I completed one assessment with Ashburton College so I'm not doing that same assessment my online class is doing right now. Mrs Lees would have my results when it's confirmed.

I'm loving my course still and think I'm doing really well :) I feel it has made me manage my time and work a lot better/more independently which I'm super happy with. I am a little stressed about exams coming up since we haven't been given much background to the ones we are doing but I think I can just message my teacher about that. 

1) yes i am still enjoying my course
2) the last standard no but i think i am doing better on this one
3) nope
4) i think it helps be more independent
5) nope :)


Yes I am still enjoying my course, and I'm extremely happy with my results seeing as I am getting Excellence's!! All is running well with my course and I look forward to my VC every week. I think online learning is helping me become a more independent learner because I am forced to manage myself. I also enjoy having a period where, if I have caught up on my online work, I am able to get a little more revision in for other subjects. 
Thank you


1.) yes I am still enjoying my course
2.) Not sure if I am achieving as I would wish because we haven't received our grade back yet
3.) I don't need any help thanks
4.) It's taught me to stay organised with all my school work

1) yes I love my course.
2) yes I am happy with my results.
3) No, I think I'm alright, but I'm not sure how I will go with the external.
4) I like online learning as I can choose what to do and when, I find it a lot more enjoyable.
5) Not really, thank your for all your support.


yes I am :) I enjoy learning about my topic

2. Are you achieving as you would wish to be?

yes it is challenging but good

3. Do you need any support at the moment? (Explain)

the support you provide is already very helpful 

4. How is Online Learning helping you as a learner?

its been good to learn how to manage myself better and take control of my learning 

5. Is there anything else you would like me to know?

nope :)

1. Are you still enjoying your course? Yes very much so.
2. Are you achieving as you would wish to be? Yes!
3. Do you need any support at the moment? (Explain) Not really, I like being independent
4. How is Online Learning helping you as a learner? Teaching me to be independent
5. Is there anything else you would like me to know? Im fine at the moment, thank you!

1) yes i am
2) yeah it's going pretty well
3)not really
4) helping me manage my time and become more independent


2.yes definitely I'm good

4.its helping me to take the course because the class wasn't running but I still wanted to do this course.


I am still enjoying my course and I think I am achieving at a level I am happy with. I am to organise with Mr D to go over some kinks but mostly I am happy. Online learning has already helped me to develop a more sustainable work ethic as well as forming some skills in my own independent learning.

1. yes I am
2. struggled at the start but now I am asking questions and making sure I know what I need to know
3. Not at this time
4. making me more independent
5. Not at this time.


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