The end of term one

Where has the term gone?........

In the life of an eDean Term One is always crazy:

  • There are enrolments to do- each one taking at least an hour of my time when you include talking to the students, consulting the deans, processing the enrolment and then setting up the student with their individual course needs. This year I did 45 enrolments and I've already had to change three of these.
  • There are spreadsheets and rolls to organise and teachers to consult.
  • All the students need help with their first couple of hangout lessons
  • A lot of time is spent getting to know the students and helping them get started in their courses. This is so important, they are more likely to ask for help if they know you and realise you are expecting their questions. 
  • There are many differing request from eTeachers to follow up on- including ordering text books and  supervising internals
  • There are course mark books to set up and standards to check
  • There are reports to write and process
But by the end of this term I now know my students pretty well and I'm aware of the ones who need extra support. I'm continuing to check with them all the time- both personally and by email and text. I'm getting to  know the eTeachers who are new to me and I'm appreciating their feedback and communication.

Most of my admin is done- including the setting up of mark books.

Phew- its' been busy but so worthwhile as I see the growing confidence of the students.


  1. This is not "ramblings"this is the reality - and the time is never enough for the job

  2. Totally agree with you Anne and probably like me you also have Te Kura and Telford and Gateway courses run by ITO's. I have not set up my markbooks - that will be a "holiday" job for me. Have a restful break.

  3. Anne you are an absolute professional. I enjoy working with you, as I know that (despite) your busy workload, you will follow up on each of your students and your communications are clear and timely.


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